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AustraliaWhen considering international debt collections, understanding the issues regarding the language, customs, cultures and laws that govern a country is extremely important. Having a debtor located in Australia is no exception. Employing a collection agency that understands these specifics is important for successful debt recovery.

Australian individuals are typically very well traveled.  This secures many debts for international collection agencies.  Traveling expenses turn into unpaid claims.  Debt usually occurs as medical emergencies, RV and car rentals, or lodging.  On the commercial side of debt recovery many products are shipped worldwide from country to country.  Australian debt laws promote negotiation when payment in full is not forthcoming.  Australian debt collectors are always taught how to negotiate with the debtor to get a payment plan or settlement offer when payment in full cannot be made.

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The United States and Australia have developed a very strong relationship when it comes to trade.  The United States is Australia’s fifth largest merchandise export market.  The US is actually the largest provider of trade services.  Because of this affiliation the two countries are able to freely exchange services.

Here are some interesting facts about Australia’s debt collection practices:

  • Debt collectors can go door to door to expedite the recovery process.  They are more than willing to further their collection efforts by sending someone out into the field.
  • In commercial debt an adjuster may liquidate a company if the debt exceeds $1,000.00 AUD.
  • Debt buying is popular in Australia.  Debt can be bought from companies overwrought with claims.  The debt buyer purchases debts at a fraction of the face amount of the debt. 

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